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Who are we?


Jeff Harrison started his career with Hewlett Packard instrument division, then joined startup Microsensor Technology where he directed production engineering.  He was the lone design engineer at Algotek for the Algo-1 infant hearing screener and NIM nerve monitor.  When these products were sold to Natus and Nicolet, respectively, he co-founded Alcom Corporation and developed an early network fax product marketed as LanFax.  In 1992 he founded Applitech to engage in full-time engineering consulting.   Jeff holds a MSEE degree from Stanford University and bachelor's degree from UCSD.



Jeanette Harrison started her career with Microsensor Technology, then spent fourteen years in product management with Applied Biosystems working worldwide with biotech instrumentation.  In 2001 she joined Applitech and provides product and service marketing expertise, with much of her attention focused on internet marketing.  Jeanette holds a bachelor's degree from Stanford University.



Last modified: August 20, 2009